CUBE LOCO is an IT Company that offerring BI / Data Visualization and Big Data Solutions, plus Creative Solutions like Business Mobile Applications

Creative Solutions

CUBE LOCO provides several creative solutions for its clients.


Business Mobile App

Take your business with you anywhere, the technology we use is cross-platform, rapid, reliable, and using best in-class programming languages, it is a tablet | mobile oriented and for all Business sectors. Sales tracking, database based apps, marketing reports, statistical and more...


App Magazine | Catalog

Increase circulation means your information reaches more readers, creates stronger revenue, generates opportunities and builds brand awareness, recently and for a long future people will search for magazines, newspapers and catalogs near to their thumbs, clean and green, it is a global trend and a social activity.


Social Media Management

We develop a unique tailored social media strategy for each client by understanding his needs, Using objective demographics and brand identity as they contain a bio of the company. Companies like people can put status updates, photos, links, contents, following and interacting with other accounts especially influencer.


App Analytics

Localytics™, It is the way to truly understand your users and their actions in your apps, user segmentation uses predictive and behavior, Put data into action, set up Marketing campaigns based on demographic information.


A complete publishing ecosystem

Mag+™, a Swedish American company, specialized in Digital Publishing and Mobile App creation that is perfect for corporate, consumer and enterprise.


Get Serious About Social

HootSuite™ Pioneered the category of social media management world wide, it is a social relationship management platform, social marketing, social analytics and social customer service.


Data Solutions

CUBE LOCO provides several data solutions for its clients.


Business Intelligence

Transform data into meaningful and useful information for business purposes. BI can handle large amounts of unstructured data to help identify and develop new opportunities.


Data Hub

Different users need access to specialized tools that only run on particular databases, so it isn't practical to consolidate all data management systems into a single environment.


Enterprise Search

Integrating Search provides a single platform to perform predictive analytics, full search and discovery, as well as advanced database operations.


Data for People

Tableau™, We make breakthrough products that change the way people use data, add in one of the most challenging problems in software - making databases understandable to ordinary people. You have just recreated the fundamental ingredients for Tableau.


Make sense of Data

Cloudera™ is the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services and offers a powerful new data platform that enables enterprises and organizations to look at all their data structured as well as unstructured and ask bigger questions.



MapR™ delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production, brings ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications.


Enterprise Social Network

Focuses on the use of online social networks or social relations among people who share business interests and activities. Enterprise social networking is often a facility of enterprise social software.



Unleash the promise of CRM with innovative Cloud CRM system designed for every individual who engages with customers, sellers, customer support agents, receptionists, and executives, delivering 360° CRM.



Encompasses a wide variety of different database technologies and were developed in response to increased volume of data. It is about users, products and the frequency in which this data is accessed.


Socialize your Business

Zyncro™ Offers great Business values like collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange, connecting external customers, vendors and partners, content moderation and documents management system.


Cloud CRM

SugarCRM™ enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market for customers, sellers, and marketers.


Document Databases

MongoDB™Is reinventing data management and powering big data as the leading NoSQL database. Designed for how we build and run applications today, it empowers organizations to be more agile and scalable.


We are a group of thinkers, willing to change the way people dealing with thier data.


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